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A four phase approach


Understanding is the key to any successful project. At MakoLab, we undertake the explore stage to understand all of the business and end-user requirements, allowing us to create the best possible results for you.


The end user is at the heart of any product or communications. Through our understanding from the explore stage, we will look to validate any approaches by you, your stakeholders and/or your customers.


Once we have a fully validated product and/or communications approach, we will create from the ground up using the best possible software and solutions available to us and you.


We want to ensure that the solution reaches as many people as possible, as fast as possible. Our deployment experts across marketing, social and hosting will ensure all the right tools and communications are in place to do so.


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Case Study
360 Social Wall
Created as a part of the huge promotional campaign for the launch of the Samsung S7 utilising the company’s Rio Olympics sponsorship.
Mobile Apps
Digital Marketing Platform.
Case Study
Online Simulators
At the end of the day, money talks. We’ve created tools that put facts and data in the hands of the customer at the very start of their journey.
Case Study
Shake & Win
10K mobile installs and 4K new customers registered in MY Renault App Promo Tool.
Dedicated Business Apps
New quality in insurance sales in Baltic countries


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